Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Watching movies and Dating

      Yes, I said watching movies AND dating... because it only makes sense that they are two separate things. Read on to understand what is meant here.
      There are many things I will never understand about females. As is the case with many guys out there from what I've seen. So at least I know I'm not the only one that thinks they are the oddities of the human race. But one of the things that confuses me is dating, or at least what is considered dating.
      Maybe it's because I haven't had the chance to date many people like most have by the time they get to my age. Hell, most people my age have kids, and/or are married. A huge difference between that and being single for 6+ years. But then again most people my age have had everything handed to them on a silver platter because mommy and daddy paid for everything they ever needed, and they weren't treated like a fuckin' alien by their peers. But that's another issue I'll save for another time to rant on about.
      Dating... what is dating? Apparently it's when two people spend time together, doing whatever it is they do to pass time together... Things that can be considered dates are: eating out at a nice restaurant, going to a dance club together, going to a concert, catching a performance at the performing arts theater (aka seeing an opera/play), and there are more examples but too many to list here. But the thing that always throws me off is that some of these involve sitting around for extended periods of time doing absolutely nothing! One good example: watching a movie at the local movie theater.
      Now how this constitutes as a date puzzles me. You sit around, in a chair, for at least an hour and a half (up to 3 or 4 hours depending on the movie), and you stare at a screen the entire time, doing nothing, while sitting... I had one girl I used to be friends with tell me that after the movie was over, she would go back to the guy's place (whoever the lucky guy just happened to be) and have sex with them. Needless to say I was making a really puzzling face when she told me this. I mean do females get that turned on from sitting around doing nothing for 2 hours? Somehow I doubt it. Maybe she felt like she needed to burn off the calories she gained while sitting around for 2 hours? At least I know every time I've gone to the movie theater with a female friend I didn't exactly leave the theater turned on by something unknown from inside the theater, and I sure as hell didn't feel any sexier than when I first entered the theater...
      Also as some of you may know, I did spend 2 and a half years working at a movie theater here in Silver Spring, MD. Yes they did have a lot of couples coming in to see movies there, and they didn't seem to be all over each other when they left the theater either. But the entire customer base was not couples! The majority of customers were in fact families. Especially during the holiday seasons, you would see people bring their entire families to the theater to watch a movie. Now I don't know about some of you, but if I had the opportunity to spend the holidays with my family the last place I would want to go to is the movie theater. Maybe that's just me. I guess I'm just old fashioned in that sense where I'd rather stay at home and spend time with them there, eating or watching TV or whatever might make sense with whatever holiday was happening at the time.
     But the real issue is, is it really a date? I mean you can get the exact same experience by inserting a DVD video into a DVD player at home, and watching it on a TV! I mean watching a movie at home is just better... why, you ask?
1. you don't have to navigate through a maze of seats filled with people. 2. you don't have to worry about popcorn or other food being burnt or undercooked (unless you cook something yourself and mess it up, then you can only blame yourself). 3. you don't have to deal with body odors of random people you don't know. 4. you won't have people randomly getting in and out of their seats talking on cell phones through-out the entire movie. 5. and the funniest one, you won't have to hear people having sex in the back row.
     Now, do people consider going home and watching a DVD as a date? Or watching TV as a date? Somehow no, they don't... even if it is exactly the same thing! But then again, if a couple was at home alone they probably wouldn't be JUST watching TV... I'll let you all figure out what is implied there.